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Inflationary And Deflationary Market Conditions Create Fear

Business expert Solomon Berkoff, one of the few traders to spot the Housing Bubble burst of 2008 in time to reposition, says Periods of inflation and of deflation are tough times for most Americans. Even in the realm of finance, few professionals are able to...

Solomon Berkoff Interview with Value Walk

ValueWalk?s interview with Solomon Berkoff on topics ranging from fintech to CDOs and everything related to credit and loans (Berkoff?s bio is at the bottom of the article) Can you tell us about your background? I have been in asset-backed finance for almost 20 years....

How APIs Boost The Integrity Of SMB Financing Data

Source: Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory requirements are frequently cited as a top ? if not the?top ??challenge for banks. However, for non-bank lenders, those compliance burdens can be just as high, and many players lack the back-office technologies...

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