NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 13, 2019 / — Last week, nearly 800 brokers, originators and other finance professionals gathered to deBanked?s annual Broker Fair at New York City?s Roosevelt Hotel. One of the primary themes of the 2019 conference, reiterated throughout panel discussions and presentations, is the need for more ethical behavior in the industry. As the small business financing market continues to grow, the industry believes that more light will shine on how non-bank originators are funding small business loans. President of deBanked, Sean Murray cautioned to attendees: ?Do it responsibly?and make a difference?Do it right or be eliminated.?

Among those in attendance was technology company, inFactor, hosting its first public demonstration of its newly released inFactor platform. Available to its own clients since last year, the platform provides everything an originator needs to originate and service their financing.

In addition to its? straightforward management dashboards, the platform?s third-party data verification systems ensure the consistency and verification of every step in origination, so that more transparent financing decisions can be made. ?By providing a cross-check at every step in the origination process, MCAs can now show with verified data that their transactions are safe and secure, from AML-KYC to ownership details, credit scores, identity and banking information.? said Eric Wright, inFactor?s Chief Technology Officer.

This is the first technology of its kind and aims to give the same decision-making transparency that occurs in the financing of publicly traded companies to the private, small business finance market. ?Non-bank finance professionals can now access dashboards for intelligent decision-making, based on good data, simply by utilizing our platform in their origination business.? according to Solomon Berkoff, Principal of inFactor?s parent company, Charleston Capital Inc.

In conjunction with the announcement of the inFactor platform?s availability, released an article on the platform?s ability to boost the integrity of SMB financing data. The publication reiterated the same theme as the deBanked conference, stating: ?as the non-bank small business finance market continues to grow, these players cannot rely on offering a better customer experience than a traditional lender to win over the competition. Compliance, security and efficiency must be part of the equation, too.?

The inFactor platform aims to be a symbol of transparency and security in non-bank small business financing, and is among the many examples of driving solutions in finance the use of technology.

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