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CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2019 / ? Today, inFactor announced the release of its platform to enable faster, more-cost effective and secure origination and servicing of loans and merchant cash advances. Small business financing today can be hindered by complex, unreliable data and processes that reduce the successful origination and servicing of these solutions. The Secure Funding Ecosystem is designed to break down these barriers through the creation of a third-party validation system for origination, and its automation framework for servicing. The goal is to significantly accelerate the successful financing of small businesses, thereby driving small business growth across the United States.

inFactor clients have benefited from implementing the platform since its debut in October of 2018. Making the platform available to other underwriters is the next evolution in inFactor?s commitment to speeding the financing of small businesses while simultaneously lowering operational expenses.

?By making the Secure Funding Ecosystem available to other companies as the next step, we plan to jointly leverage potential in order to secure our strong position in the market for the long term.? said Eric Wright, inFactor?s Chief Technology Officer.

Through the inFactor platform, the non-bank financial services community will have greater opportunities to unlock the potential of their data, allowing them to make decisions more quickly and securely.

The inFactor platform is designed to address the most common financial challenges in small business finance. It is the first automated servicing platform of its kind.

The platform will feature at deBanked Broker Fair 2019 in New York City, NY.

About inFactor

inFactor is a Financial Technology company focused on bringing clarity and security to small business financing. Through the inFactor Platform, the company has developed the first Secure Funding Ecosystem? which enables finance companies to manage the entire lifecycle of loans and merchant cash advances to small businesses across the United States of America. The platform provides all of the tools an underwriter needs to quickly and efficiently decision and price financing. inFactor Platform also streamlines servicing and provides an unparalleled level of data integrity in payment reporting as the platform manages every transaction in real-time.

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