inFactor is an integrated financial technology company providing liquidity solutions across the spectrum of non-bank lending. Our core principle is that capital is most prudently valued as a function of scarcity plus risk and that comprehensive risk management can lead to optimal transactions in any macro climate. To that end, we pride ourselves on having an intuitive understanding of risk and have developed proprietary quantitative and qualitative standards to articulate and value risk in non-bank financial transactions.

We believe that data is critically important to the evaluation of risk; but that data alone does not solve the problem of asking the wrong questions. Our process, at all levels, utilizes technology as a means of aggregating and computing information in order to provide decision makers with a complete landscape for decision making purposes. Just as a calculator can decrease the time (and error rate) of large computations, but cannot determine what data to calculate; the best use for technology is to inform rational decisions made by diligent analysts.

The company exists to fill the chasm between the capital needs of small to midsize businesses and the services offered by the traditional banking system.